Electrical Control Panel manufacturer

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Among the Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer, RPLEX Electrical & Automation is one of the top names. With the expertise that our team has and the experience and vision of our promoter, we claim to be among the top manufacturers. The electric control panel is one of the most important controlling equipment that runs the place. Whether it is an industry or a living space, we get you the best that you need. Suiting your requirement, the various control panel products are manufactured. Our quality is our mark and hence we work on the same to deliver the optimum as promised. A reliable name you will not think twice to buy.

The reliability of the best: RPLEX Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Using the best of our knowledge, expertise and experience, we create the best among the Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer. To maintain the smooth functioning of the electric run in an industry or home,it is important that the safety net is of good quality. The reliability of our product is assured through the team that works behind it: a team of engineers, marketing experts and quality experts. The productivity rate and experience that our team works with is very efficient. Our forte lies in the manufacturing of this product and our promoter with immense experience in this field guides the whole team with the same.

RPLEX is a proud manufacturer electrical control panels, which provides best of the features to sustain our customer base. The goodwill of our company is maintained and relied upon with our team’s effort which does no less in ensuring the right quality, standardised manufacturing and maintenance of the same. The marketing experts keep us posted with the trends to be followed as well as the competitiveness offered by the contenders in terms of features and cost. This enables us to stay updated in order to shift/ change any present feature/ process.

The Committed delivery of products and the product quality are the elements given utmost importance. Satiating the customer is the next priority which is essentially covered from the first two. Choosing us will be a great choice for installing the control panel at your workplace.

  • Committed delivery of products.
  • Extremely competitive price.
  • Powder-coated with pre-treatment process.
  • Specialist in folding and double bus bar system.
  • Uncompromised quality.
  • Our panels are CPRI tested at 50kA for 1 sec.
Electrical Control Panel manufacturer